Surgeries gone horribly wrong


Many, many celebrities—actresses, singers, TV personalities, and what have you, get plastic surgery and other work done on their faces and bodies. Sometimes it’s clear that a certain celebrity has gone under the knife, but the results are subtle enough—or even, if it can be said, are an improvement—that it’s hard to fault them for it (e.g. Jennifer Aniston and Scarlett Johansen’s noses). Some, like Heidi Montag, don’t hide their surgeries at all. The results look unnatural, but it’s intentional. And then there are some celebrities, such as a few that appear on this list, whose surgery decisions are completely inexplicable. Behold, the top 6 worst celebrity plastic surgeries of all time.

1. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a socialite, became famous after marrying the French billionaire Alec Wildenstein. Today she is known as the “Queen of the Jungle” (not in a good way), the butt of countless jokes and cruel media attention. Type “bad plastic surgery” into your search engine, and she’ll top the results. Why did Wildenstein, a Swiss woman born with natural good looks (see picture below), decide to ruin her face the way she has? Sources say it all started when her marriage to Alec began to crumble.jocelyn-wildenstein-cosmetic-surgery

Alec was a fan of big cats, and Mrs. Wildenstein thought it would please him to make herself look more like one. Fast forward a few decades… and, well, the picture says it all. Wildenstein has literally spent millions of dollars (estimates are greater than $4 million at this point in time) on her many surgeries. She believes that she looks beautiful but you be the judge. Her story is a lesson about the dangers of self-loathing.

Bruce Jenner

In addition to being married (now separated) to Kardashian momager Kris Kardashian Jenner and stepdad to Khloé, Kim and Kourtney, Bruce Jenner is a famous athlete who won the 1976 Summer Olympics Decathlon gold medal.

Unfortunately, Bruce Jenner is also known for his many plastic surgeries. In the mid-‘80s, Jenner underwent a facelift and nose job, and was extremely dissatisfied with the results, claiming the procedures severely hurt his self-esteem. In 2009 he had more plastic surgeries to correct what was done wrong in the ‘80s, as featured onKeeping Up With the Kardashians. Most recently, he has had his Adam’s apple shaved.


Jenner chose to appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so he bears some responsibility for the cruel taunts about his appearance he’s received over the years. Still, it’s hard not to feel a little bit sorry for him. Being in the limelight has to be difficult.


Heidi Montag

The Hills reality star Heidi Montag is famous for undergoing a whopping ten plastic surgeries in one day in November 2010: a brow lift, a nose job, having her ears pinned, a chin shaving, breast enlargement, liposuction, back scooped out, and fat injections into her cheekbones. Heidi started out as a beautiful woman—and frankly, she still is, but now in a more artificial, alien-looking way. The 23-year old star responded to criticism from The Hills co-stars and members of the press by saying: “I love my body… I’ve never felt more beautiful and sexier.” Of her critics, Heidi told Good Morning America hosts, “I would say none of those people know me at all, and that’s just a judgment.”


Today, Heidi’s thoughts on her plastic surgery have changed somewhat. She blames her surgeon, the late Dr. Frank Ryan, for pointing out her “flaws” and making her feel insecure about things she didn’t even know were “problems,” thereby convincing her to get surgeries that she hadn’t even considered before.


Michaela Romanini

One publication featured her in a list of celebrities with the “worst luck” in plastic surgery, but it seems like Italian socialite Michaela Romanini is going for a certain look with her surgeries. The once-breath taking Michaela is basically unrecognizable from her former self, especially in terms of her enormous, almost obscene lips. Unlike Bruce Jenner, who simply had a crappy plastic surgery procedure done to him but still appears to want to look somewhat “normal,” Michaela doesn’t seem to care about looking natural, “normal,” or even human, really. She’s kind of like Jocelyn Wildenstein in that regard. Why, Michaela, why?




Ray Liotta

Though Goodfellas star Ray Liotta adamantly denies getting any work done, his completely smooth forehead and weirdly shaped cheeks suggest otherwise. For crying out loud, his face just gets less and less wrinkly every year. That can’t happen naturally. According to one plastic surgeon, it looks like Liotta has had a facelift, Botox, and some filler badly injected into his laugh lines.Ray-Liotta-before-after



Donatella Versace

Donatella is the sister of the late Gianni Versace, founder of Versace, and a fashion designer herself. Donatella was never a great beauty in the way of, say, pre-surgery Michaela Romanini—another Italian—but she was striking, with a strong nose and a broad smile. Today, she still has that broad smile, but now her lips are disproportionately huge compared to the rest of her face, which has clearly been shaved down around the chin and cheeks. Donatella admits to getting Botox. At 59 years old, Donatella is bonier than she ever was before—she’s not nearly as skinny in younger pictures—and has also had work done on her breasts.




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