Teen Is Bullied Every Day, Now Watch What These Football Players Do


Chy Johnson was a shy 16-year-old student at Arizona’s Queen Creek High School. She has a brain disorder called microcephaly that once made her an easy target for school bullies. Microcephaly is a condition which makes her head smaller than normal and can render life expectancy down to 25 or 30 years.

Bullies mocked Chy, called her mean names, and threw trash at her. Things got so bad for Chy that her mom called in a favor. She reached out to football star quarterback and family friend Carson, hoping he could find out who was bullying Chy, and maybe help look out for her during school hours. And not only did Carson oblige the heartbroken mother, but he and his Bulldog teammate Tucker took matters into their own hands. The football team happily befriended Chy, took her under their wing, and invited her to eat at their all-star lunch table, every day.

From that day on, the Queen Creek Bulldogs started looking after Chy, and pretty soon the bullying stopped. The Bulldogs were nominated for the Americas Team award for their kindhearted actions. “They save me because I won’t get hurt again,” Chy said. “They’re not mean to me because all my boys love me.”

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