Teen Prank Turns Violent And Kills Innocent 32-Year-Old Father Of Four On His Way Home From Work


Teens love to play pranks each and everyday. They do it for fun and just to pass time away. But what happened when a prank goes too far? What when a prank causes a pain so severe that nothing can be done to fix it?

Well today we have a story about a very senseless and pointless joke that has killed a father of four children. A 32-year-old father of 4 was struck and killed when a rock crashed through his car, hitting him and ultimately killing him during the impact.

The deceased man’s name is Kenneth Andrew White and he was driving home in the passenger seat of his work van when this tragedy took place. According to police, the rock crashed through the windshield and hit him on the head. The impact of the blow knocked him out cold and he was rushed to the Hurley Medical Center, but it by the time he arrived, he already passed away.

The incident happened in Michigan off of Dodge Road overpass in Vienna Township, which is about 16 miles from Flint.

White wasn’t the only one targeted on that highway, though he was the only one to face a tragic end due to the absolute heinous behavior of these teens. Jim Schultz is another driver who shared photos of what had happened to his own vehicle on Facebook:

“Someone threw boulders off the overpass and I saw two come down and ran over one.”

“But the tragic thing was a van behind me had a boulder come through the window and kill the passenger.”

Investigators claim that the rocks were from a different area and it wasn’t a last minute plan by the teens. They had planned out their sick ‘joke’ and knew what they were doing. Maybe not as far as killing someone, but hey, that is the price you pay for being a complete idiot. Schultz could only say that he was ‘thankful to be safe’ and that White’s family was in his prayers.

If this goes the way it looks like it is going, these teens just might be charged in the death of White – charged as a homicide.



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