The Lemon Water Mistake Millions Of People Make Every Morning


We are all aware of the health benefits of lemon. Many of us have a morning ritual and consume the lemon as a combination with water. It is incredibly refreshing, boost your metabolism, and give you the needed energy for all day.

Lemon is packed with magnesium, copper, and potassium.
Furthermore, it is an amazing source of vitamin C. A single cup of fresh lemon juice contains 187% of vitamin C, which is the recommended daily serving.

But, if you think that preparing lemon water is easy and simple, you should know that you are wrong!

Most of the people think that they properly prepare the lemon water: they squeeze the lemon and add some hot or cold water, but actually this is wrong.

They throw away the lemon peel without knowing that one of the most nutritious parts of this fruit is the lemon peel.

Today, we will present you the right way of preparing the lemon water:


We recommended you to use organic lemons. You need to cut the lemons on thin slices and squeeze only some of them, not all, into the water.

Next, you need to grate the zest of those slices you squeezed into the water.

Then, you need to put those slices which remain un-squeezed in a blender. Fill the blender with boiling hot or ice cold water.

You can enjoy in your drink!

Lemon Water For The Win

Many health experts claim that lemon can promote your digestion due to its acidic nature. Also, it slows down the food absorption, thus conserving insulin stores in your body, and making sure that the body will get the most of the processed food.

Also, lemon water can prevent water retention and boost the work of your metabolism.

So, we recommend you to prepare the lemon water and see the benefits it can provide!

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