Thief Thinks She’s Weak, So He Tries To Steal Her Phone. Gets Taught A Harsh Lesson In Karma


In the dark recesses of a Russian subway station, a thief targets a young woman because he suspects she will be easy prey. She is leaning against the wall texting on her iPhone. Then the male criminals walks up to her and reaches out to snatch her phone from her hands. Bad move, bub.

With the device in his clutches, he attempts to flee the scene of the crime. But then something happens that he never expected. And before he knows it he is on his back and everyone is looking at him with pity.

Check out the CCTV footage below to see why you should never try to steal a woman’s iPhone!

In the clip, you see the woman standing near the entry when a man in black suddenly comes bolting down the stairs and snatches her phone away.

He then starts clicking on it and turns when she confronts him. When he doesn’t immediately hand over the device, she begins throwing punches and kicks until she knees him in the groin. When he falls to his knees, she kicks him in the side of the head sending him sprawling out on his back.

By now she has retrieved her phone and the thief is lying incapacitated and embarrassed in front of everyone.

With the man writhing on the ground, the girl grabs her belongings and flees the scene. For the next dozen seconds, he rolls back and forth and recovers from the blow to his ego as people walk by ignoring his plight.

The video, which was published back in 2013, has already gained more than 6.2 million views. In the video description, the YouTuber who posted it James Beltz, wrote:

“First of all, I know YouTubers will cry fake even though A forensic analysis on NBC news came on to talk about it and he claims it is real. Honestly, I posted only because it funny. So yell all you want, I really don’t care.”

What do viewers have to say about the footage? Well here are some of the most popular comments:

“she should have gone in his pockets, reverse robbery,” Keith McKellar urged.

“Well he isn’t a good thief obviously. He is not very smart. he is an idiot. That’s why he tried to steal in the first place, without going out and getting a proper job. Second he stayed around after stealing a her phone to get kicked in the nuts, face and ears. He deserves everything he got,” user BrianHA1 wrote.

Despite the YouTuber’s claim, most people consider the video to be fake.

“So he grabs the phone and lightly walks away, give me a break. If you grab something out of someones hands you are booking it & not stopping for anything. Any real thief regardless of who they are stealing from knows to avoid conflict and get out of sight.”

What do you think about this? Did the thief try his best? Or do you think they already knew each other?

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