Times That Snow Won And We Failed


Times That Snow Won And We Failed

We like to pretend that we’re totally in control. We’ve advanced the human race at increasing rates. We’re at the top of the food chain. Heck, we’ve even ventured off our own planet to conquer space. We like to think that we’re all that, but there is one undeniable truth that we get reminded of each winter – Mother Nature can bring us to our knees in a matter of hours.

Seriously, Mother Nature just starts to dump on us with beautiful white fluffy snow and laughs as we all then have to scramble to try and keep our busy schedules on track. You might just wake up one morning, look outside and realize that Mother Nature is drunk again and she’s giving us the finger. So, you’ll force yourself into a snow suit and go head to head with the giant wall of snow that greets you on the other side of the door.

Snow clearing – you’re doing it wrong


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There are those who really don’t grasp the concept of a pointless feat


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Seriously Mother Nature, lay off the tequila!


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Excuse me sir, I think you missed a spot


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This is one of those hilarious photos that lets the mind wander to endless possibilities to how the person got there


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You really should have stayed in bed today


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He couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working…


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We’ve all been there, but we haven’t all had a photo taken of it and shared all over the internet

Note the the friend on her direct left is calmly stepping over the falling friend. Jerk.
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This guy is in for a really nasty surprise when he has to use his car next


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This guy is now experiencing what it’s like to be a cartoon character and have a self-shaped imprint left behind after impact



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