Top 8 Action Movies of All Time



1. Die Hard
Movie star Bruce Willis cut out a niche for himself with his outstanding premier in the Die Hard movie franchise. From the beginning to the end of the movie, Willis, also known as John McClane was a complete bad-ass, terrorizing his way to the top of the besieged Nakatomi Plaza.



2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
The result of a partnership between Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, this movie became one of Spielberg’s most enduring films. This remarkable action classic was inspired by James Bond’s movies and the movie serials of the 30s and 40s. Indiana achieves a nimble victory in a booby trapped temple and does not relent until all the bad guys are gone. This movie remains a benchmark for other movies.



3. Aliens
In this movie, James Cameron spikes up both the action and the suspense, this results into a clash between humans and aliens who are seemingly indestructible. The battle is so epic that there is no sequel that can sufficiently satisfy its high quality. Seemingly, there can be no alien movie to compete this in terms of creativity.



4. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior
Starring Mel Gibson, the star reprises his role in this sequel with a sawed off shotgun and a V8 interceptor. The movie provides viewers with nonstop action from the beginning to the end and has some of the most outstanding stunt work and remarkable driving scenes ever captured on camera. The movie’s epic moment is in the last fifteen minutes where Mad Max takes the wheel of an oil rig while being pursued by a gang of crazed bikers.




5. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Directed by James Cameron, this 1991 sequel to the movie that catapulted Arnold Schwarzenegger to worldwide fame is filled with nonstop action. It features high quality visual effects that have to date beaten the test of time, together with an unrelenting T-1000 villain. From the hospital shootout to the final battle of the terminators, the action does not slow down.



6. The Matrix
This movie presents viewers with a myriad of philosophical questions regarding reality. The movie seeks to evoke intelligence and thoughtfulness in its viewers. Its comes out as an above average action movie, but is does not spare any opportunity for some properly choreographed butt whooping. Interestingly, no movie, even the two sequels has lived up to this movie’s choreography.



7. RoboCop
Touted as Paul Verhoeven’s best work, this movie tells criminal brutality and police corruption. It tells of the story of a fallen cop who is transformed into a cyborg enforcer. The movie stars Peter Weller who gives viewers funny one liners. In spite of the movie’s violence, it has a humorous tone that portrays a bleak future overwhelmed by dark forces from the criminal underworld.




8. The Bourne Identity
This movie is the onscreen adaptation of author Robert Ludlum’s book. Released in 2002, Matt Damon plays the role of an agent who has no recollection of what happened to him. Then, he realizes that he is in the middle of something very serious. The movie is fast paced and features frenetic camerawork. It was succeeded by an equally good sequel, The Bourne Ultimatum.



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