Trump Just Made $250 Billion ‘Power Move’ With China – This Is How He Just Made America Great Again


President Trump has been creating historical moments as of lately. His most recent one has been during his trip around Asia. He’s visited world leaders and major allies of the United States. He’s gone to multiple and spoke on huge plans for the country and the movers and shakers in the Pacific.

It seems as though his most impactful and important part of his trip oversees was his trip to china. Trump has been vocal about the economic and manufacturing giant many times. He’s spoken about much of the United State’s business has been transferred to China with American companies and factories loosing big. Of course, being the president he is, he’s promised to bring back jobs to the U.S., while not alienating a country as powerful as China.

This week, we’ve been alerted that there are some MAJOR deals that have been signed by major companies. These deals will surely bring major revenue and capital to the U.S.

From Reuters:

Watched by Trump and China’s President Xi Jinping at a signing ceremony in Beijing, U.S. planemaker Boeing Co, General Electric Co and chip giant Qualcomm Inc sealed lucrative multi-billion dollar deals.

“This is truly a miracle,” China’s Commerce Minister Zhong Shan said at a briefing in Beijing.

The quarter of a trillion dollar haul underscores how Trump is keen to be seen to address a trade deficit with the world’s second-largest economy that he has long railed against and called “shockingly high” on Thursday…

Some huge deals were announced. Among them is a 20-year $83.7 billion investment by China Energy Investment Corp in shale gas developments and chemical manufacturing projects in West Virginia, a major energy producing state that voted heavily for Trump in the 2016 election.

This collective $250 billion in deals underscores Trump’s motivation to broker mutually beneficial deals with China. Many believe that Presidents before Trump have given too much to China, giving them a stunning competitive advantage in the world.

However, it appears that President Trump is getting along with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. These two powerful men seem to understand each other, very well.

From Business Insider:

Speaking in Beijing on Thursday, US President Donald Trump emphasized his close personal relationship with China’s President Xi Jinping and said he didn’t blame China’s leader for the “one-sided and unfair” trade practices between their two countries…

The two countries were working hard to deliver a “fair and reciprocal” deal said Trump. However, many of the $253 billion of trade deals announced today are non-binding memorandums.

It is news like that proves why America elected Trump for be president. He is a sharp businessman and an expert negotiator. Trump knows how to make big deals that have all sides happy. The average politician cannot do that. They are all talk, zero talent.

Source: Reuters/Business Insider



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