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Twin Tells Her Sister She Wants To Be A Teacher, 2-year-old’s Reply Has Internet Dying Of Laughter

At two years old, Mila and Emma decided that it was a good time to talk about their future. It made sense, they were gonna be heading to preschool soon so it’s very important for children to know what they want to be when they grow up. Twins Mila and Emma have a cute heart-to-heart discussion to discover Emma’s passion. Although these baby girls are smart, the task proves to be more challenging than it appears!


“Emma, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Mila asks. When her sister responds with, “Maybe a teacher,” Mila’s quick response gets the entire internet laughing. Emma begins to throw out ideas that are immediately vetoed by Mila. Because Mila knows Emma best, it’s easy to see why certain professions wouldn’t fit Emma’s personality. Soon enough, Emma’s career options begin to dwindle and both the girls are forced to reconcile the moment with a hug.


As hilarious as it may seem, the girls felt that hope was lost for Emma. But these sisters are always there for each other. Anyone who knows about Mila knows that she is quite the little actress. Her original videos on YouTube have gained hundreds of thousands of adoring followers because of her cute comedy. Just wait for Mila’s response when she hears that her sister wants to become an actress, too. Then watch until the end of the video when the girls finally decide on a career choice that they think could suit the two of them. This adorable conversation will steal your heart and get you laughing, too!