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Using 5 Simple Cuts, She Adds A New Twist To Making A Paper Snowflake

While it’s true that snow is yet to arrive in most parts of the country, that doesn’t mean you can’t spot snowflakes. It all starts with a few sheets of square paper.

Six square sheets of paper, to be exact. YouTube DIY expert yoyomax12 used plain white for this tutorial, but you can use any kind of pattern you like!

Get Folding!

Next, fold the first sheet in half diagonally.

Keep Going…

Then fold diagonally again. This step is essential in making sure your snowflake looks even, so make sure all folded sides line up perfectly.

Draw Your Lines

Then you’ll need a ruler and pencil to trace lines placed one centimeter apart. The number of lines you draw will be based on how big your paper square is, but you want to draw lines incrementally smaller up your folded triangle, spaced one centimeter away from the edge.

Cut Away

Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut along the lines you drew. Chop, chop, chop!

Then Erase and Unfold

Once they’re cut, go ahead and erase the lines (or don’t draw them very dark to begin with!) Then, do the same on all of your squares of paper. Once you unfold the sheet, you’ll see the skeleton of the snowflake start to take shape. Is it getting chilly in here, or is it just us?

Glue, Glue, Glue!

Get gluing! Starting from the inside of the snowflake, use your glue of choice (This YouTuber used a standard glue stick) on the outside tips of the section, then pressing them together like so.

Pencil It In

If you try to glue the first section with just your fingertips, it might get crushed. Try using a pencil to steady your hand, if need be.

Do A Flip

Then, flip over your snowflake and do the same thing with the second section.

Take A Spin

Flip it around again and do the same for the third section, and so on until all sections are glued together. Voila! The first section is complete.

Do It All Again

Next, do the same to the next five sheets of paper and you’ll have a series of cute, trippy figures that will form your snowflake.

Bring It All Together

Then you’ll gradually glue each figure together at the base, pressing them together until they hold.

…And Watch It Snow

After you glue all six piece together, you’ll have a gorgeous snowflake.

Marvel At Your Creativity 

Real snowflakes might give you a chill, but we think this particular snowflake makes the house look warm and inviting.