Video Of 13-Year-Old Has Been Seen 17 Million Times. People Call Her The Worst Daughter Ever


Danielle, 13, thinks her mom is “crazy”, “overbearing”, and “controlling”. The mom just wants to know what her “crazy” daughter is thinking all the time.

“I’m pretty violent,” the teen admits. “I mushed her in the face because she wouldn’t get out of my face.”

In the beginning of the clip, you’ll see both women fighting while wearing tank tops and no pants.

“Either I’m breaking down her door or she’s breaking down my door,” Danielle admits. How does her mom deal with her?

“You got one more time to hit me, Danielle. You got one more f***ing time.”

With a smile, Danielle says how she “Ran out four times in one day. The cops brought me back every time…You want me in jail so bad. Put me in jail.”

When asked what she is doing that is contributing to the chaos of her mother-daughter relationship, Danielle admits that she is not respectful and that she steals cars.

Because he hates how she is talking, Dr. Phil asks “Did you go to fifth grade?”

Danielle simply laughs at the talk show host.

Watch the video below to see why this mother is done raising this girl. Do you think she should go to prison or juvenile detention?



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