Ways To Keep The Kiddos Calm



During the holidays, the kids are off school and are spending a lot of time bored around the house. Tensions can arise and meltdowns can happen. Here are some constructive ways to make sure that everyone has a stress-free holiday season!

Counting Box


via Pinterest / Tiffany Tumminaro This box gives kids the opportunity to calm down by counting.


Choice Wheel

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via psrideaweb The choice wheel offers children constructive ways to react to situations that frustrate them. This will calm them down and help them cope with other issues or uncomfortable situations later on in life.

I feel…I choose chart


via conscious decisions

This chart makes kids feel like they are in charge of their decisions, allows them to act based on their feelings, and provides them with a number of positive alternatives to a meltdown.


A Calm Down Kit


via the adventures of room 83

If your kiddo is prone to temper tantrums, there is probably an area where they usually have their time-outs. Keep a calm down kit in that room or place to make their time-out as constructive as possible.

Rain Bottle


via familylicious

The sound of rain is so soothing and calming. Create this jar filled with rice and toothpicks that sounds like rain when tipped.

Timeout Timer


via creative little daisy

Get your kids to shake the jar when they’re in trouble and watch as the glitter settles. Once it has, they should be much calmer and their time-out will be over. Add a lot of extra glue if they’re in big trouble.

Cool Down Cubes


via crafty counselor chick / entirely elementary

Write a number of cool down options on plastic ice cubes and place in a jar. When they get in trouble, they must pull out a cube and do whatever action is on it.

Stress Relief Ball


via my crazy blessed life
Put some Play-Doh in a balloon to make this easy stress relief ball.

Lavender Water Beads


via growing a jeweled rose

These sensory beads give kids an activity that will keep their hands busy while they think about what they did wrong. If you’re using them to calm down, add lavender oils for an even more relaxing experience.

Snow Globe Jars/Tornado Jars


via growing a jeweled rose

These do-it-yourself jars are super calming for kids. They’ll love watching the glittery water whirl and twirl around the jar.

Lap Snakes


via roots and wings co

Made from a tube sock and rice, this “lap snake” acts as a makeshift safety belt to calm down your little one. Sit down together with your child’s favorite book, drape the lap snake across their lap, and have them read to you.



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