We finally know something about Beetlejuice 2 movie



Ever since fans heard the buzz that a sequel to Tim Burton’s 1988 horror-comedy fantasy filmBeetlejuice was in the works, they have been itching for details on the film.

Tim Burton, who will be directing the much anticipated sequel, has provided little information on the sequel. Burton’s chosen screenwriter for the sequel Seth Grahame-Smith, 38, however, has finally revealed a few tidbits of information. According to entertainment source Comic Book, screenwriter Grahame-Smith will not be “rebooting” the original film, but continuing with the plot and cast of the original.

Graham-Smith plans to bring Michael Keaton back as Betelgeuse (pronounced “Beetle-juice”) and to set the film in the present. “It looks like there will be quite a time jump between when Beetlejuice ended and when the new sequel kicks off,” Comic Book explains.

Grahame-Smith also indicated that the film’s namesake character will not be “over used” in the sequel. Grahame-Smith reminded listeners that Betelgeuse does not appear in the original film until about midway through.

Rumors that Winona Ryder, who played disturbed teen Lydia in the 1988 film, will also play a role in the upcoming film.

Winona Ryder in her role as disturbed teen in the 1988 Beetlejuice film



For some film followers, news that the sequel will not be a re-do of the original may come as welcomed and surprising news. Many films based on older classics, such as the upcomingGhostbusters movie – the first Ghostbusters film to be released in 25 years – are done as reboots, with a completely new cast.

There is no concrete word when the Beetlejuice sequel will be released, though director Tim Burton said the film is “closer than ever” in a December 2014 interview with Hollywood Reporter. Perhaps fans should try saying “Beetlejuice” three times to make it arrive.



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