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Woman Speaks Out After Spotting What Two Soldiers Did To Their Uniforms

A woman from Seattle, Washington had settled down at Starbucks to get a little work done on her computer when two soldiers entered the building. After she spotted what the two soldiers did to their uniforms right in front of three young children, she felt compelled to speak out.

Alyssa Galios is a writer at Faith Over Fear who had stopped at her local Starbucks to enjoy a cup of almond milk coffee while she worked. However, she spotted what two soldiers did to their uniforms in front of three innocent children that will forever leave a lasting impact on their lives, and she felt compelled to speak out about it. So, she shared what she saw with the Facebook page  Love What Matters, and the story has since gone viral.

Alyssa Galios (Source:  Facebook)

“Sitting in Starbucks this morning, happily working away; I’m alone in the corner, my pen scribbling notes in my notebook and my almond milk coffee nearby,” Alyssa explained in her post. “The only other table full this morning is a momma with her three young kiddos.

The soldiers, Edgar A. Gonzalez and Pedro Cordoba, with the little boy (Source: Love What Matters)

After the mom thanked the soldiers for their kindness, they took a quick picture before the boy and his siblings had to leave for school. However, it’s what the child did next that melted Alyssa’s heart: “The boy stands and does his best salute.” Now, that’s what being an American is all about.

Alyssa later approached the soldiers about their kind deed and learned that their names are Edgar A. Gonzalez and Pedro Cordoba. They’re both dads and admitted that they do kind things like this to help alleviate the stress and anxiety they experience from their difficult job. This is proof that there is still hope for our country — all we need to do is ensure that our children have heroes like these two men to look up to.