12 Creative Backyard Ideas For Budgets Of All Sizes


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Big or small, your yard is your designated piece of the great outdoors. Regardless of your budget, you deserve to have the greatest backyard your money can buy. Check out these creative backyard ideas! Some are for doing and others are for dreaming. Enjoy!


1. No House Is Complete Without A Garden…Big Or Small.

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via Garden Therapy

This adorable little bird garden is a conversation piece in any yard of any size. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

2. Moss Is The New Black


via Debra Prinzing

Moss furniture is the latest fashion in nature these days. This soft, organic plant can be grown almost anywhere. Get creative and see what you can moss.

3. Chic Levels For Small Spaces


via HGTV / Dorling Kindersley

If you live in the city, you probably have a small backyard. These spaces are often used for storage or left barren which is not the most effective use of an outdoor space. These multi-level platforms create the illusion of space. Nailed it!

4. A Cute Place To Get Away Without Leaving Home

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via Wlima

There is something charming about having a space to yourself. These little structures can be used as a creative space, reading room, meditation space and the list goes on…

5. An In-ground Trampoline Brings The Boys To The Yard

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via reddit /u/ ammacurious | Instructions via All Things Thrifty

A trampoline can be a dangerous piece of outdoor equipment. Until recently this bouncy pastime involved rusted metal springs and a fear of landing on them. These in-ground trampolines are the wave of the future, making jumpers safer and happier.

6. Add Rustic Drama With A Large Water Feature


via Each Batt

A large, artistic water feature can complete a dull yard, assuming you can afford it. This one is adorned with sea shells and looks sensational.

7. A New Take On Tree Houses


via Extend Creative

Tree structures have been around for ages and are used around the world. They offer a great view and a quiet place to reflect and meditate.

8. Channeling Your Inner Alice In Wonderland


via Daily Mail

If you’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to be very small, this pool can replace the one you swim in.

9. Another Take On Office Space


via Markey Home Remodeling

This is how classy backyard spaces can be. This one is an office designed to make a daydreamer into a procrastinator

10. Glam That Mother Nature Can Appreciate


via My Portland Neighborhood

All too often, we forget that mother nature was here first. Before cutting down that beautiful, healthy tree in your yard, consider building around it. In return you get natural shade and fresher air.

11. Have Fun In The Sun With Organic Chess



via Decors Ideas

Here’s a fun idea if you like to make a statement. This chess game garden is an awesome conversation piece and a lovely addition to any property.

12. Fire And Water Can Coexist


via Fixe Home

That’s one sexy water fountain. The water distorts the light of the flame, showcasing the beauty of both elements.



Collage Source: 1. Debra Prinzing 2. Daily Mail 3. reddit /u/ ammacurious | Instructions via All Things Thrifty



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