As Soon As This Horse’s Favorite Song Began Playing, The Entire Audience Gasped


If you’ve never seen a horse perform a choreographed routine, you’re missing out. Like when a young woman rode out into an enclosed stadium dressed as Elsa the princess from Disney’s Frozen, she proved that her horse could dance. But I can guarantee you that you’ve never seen a horse as jubilant as the one in this video. You’re about to see a horse with so much joy and love for music that it will inspire you to get up on your feet and bust out a few dance moves yourself.

Watch as the horse takes its rider out into the arena. And as soon as the animal’s favorite song comes onto the loudspeaker, it offers a reaction that gets the entire audience engaged. In time to the music, the horse begins to perform a dance routine that nails every single step just perfectly. It’s downright amazing.

Thankfully, the performance was recorded. And that video has since been shared online where it got the attention it deserved. I only wish that the horse could know how much we and people across the globe love what this horse can do on its four hooves.

You may never have thought that a horse might love music as much as a man or woman. But this video proves that assumption is wrong. A website called TheHorse has done some research into that fact and found that horses indeed to love music.

Music has been shown to reduce stress levels in horses. While rock and jazz music caused horses to get agitated and enhanced the amount of stressful behavior they exhibited, country and classical had the opposite effect. So if you want to get large mammals like horses to “chill out,” play some classical or country for them. It has been proven to work.

The study examined the way music affected how a horse ate. If the animal was more relaxed in its eating habits, the researchers decided that meant the horse was not stressed. But if the horse at loudly and fast, it was “stress eating.” Jazz and rock made the animal stress eat while classical and country put the large mammal at ease. No wonder this creature has such relaxed and smooth dance moves in the video below. Country has a magical effect on these animals. He loves prancing along to the lyrics of Billy Ray Cyrus’s song.

As the chorus of “Achy Breaky Heart” came along, the horse perked up and got more excited. It loves the sounds of Cyrus’s voice and the country music in the background. Fans in the arena loved the routine and loved the horse all the more for sharing the same musical tastes. It’s not every day when you meet a horse with a passion for country music.

As you watch the uplifting clip, keep your eyes on the people in the audience. They’re grinning from ear to ear as they watch this dancing horse move to the music. They all love Billy Ray Cyrus, and so does this talented horse.



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