BREAKING: Thousands of People Have Received Spam Calls From These Numbers In France


Enough with the spam calls already, right? We can put our numbers on the national “don’t call” list, use apps that block scammers/spammers, but for some reason, the calls still come through, and sometimes they even leave voicemails.

U.S. cell phone customers are reporting that they are receiving calls from numbers in France, Germany, or other foreign places. In the majority of cases, the numbers are “spoofed” and not coming from legit numbers. However, there has been increase of these calls for people who have one of the major carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon.

More than likely, you are ignoring them or adding them to your blocked list. But the networks are quietly rolling out their own security software to help filter to calls out.

Earlier this year, T-Mobile enacted the first phase of its STIR/SHAKEN protocol, a telecom technology that enables carriers to verify whether an outbound call is legit. If it’s not, it won’t reach you.

All the major carriers plan to implement their STIR/SHAKEN security features in 2019, making it easier for us to dodge these dicey calls. Unfortunately, it’s been reported that just over 50% of our calls are spam or robocalls. Annoying!

Americans aren’t the only ones affected, as mobile phone users in Britain, Italy, Australia, and other countries have also reported an uptick in spam calls – many from spoofed foreign numbers. As it stands, carriers have greenlighted the anti-spam features for some iPhone models, and Android phones will be next.

While you wait, do not answer these calls or return them – the numbers typically begin with a “+” sign. Look out for the elderly people in your inner circle by installing some spam blocking on their phones too.

Are you ready to end spammer phone calls? Have you received any from France or a different foreign country?



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