Cops Rush To Help Unresponsive Child, Mom Floored By What They Left Behind


A mother in Ohio was left horrified when she discovered her three-year-old daughter was unresponsive. As any parent would do, she immediately called 911 for help, and police rushed to the scene. However, after saving the young girl’s life, the mother was left absolutely floored by what the police had left behind in her home.

Two officers from the Rocky River Police Department, only identified as Officer Chris and Officer Dan, were on duty when they got called to the home of an unresponsive 3-year-old female, who was later identified as Layla. Of course, they promptly arrived on the scene and helped save the young girl’s life. However, it’s what they left behind that floored Layla’s mom, and now, the Internet can’t stop talking about it.

“My daughter Layla woke up this morning to a 105 degree temperature. She was going through a temperature caused seizure,” Layla’s mom wrote, according to a Facebook post.

“When Layla was in need of help early this morning. Officer Chris and Dan were the first responders to the 911 call.” Thankfully, after the young girl was rushed to Fairview Hospital, she returned home, where she is now recovering, but it was then this mom realized just how kind the officers who had helped her daughter were.


Not only had Officer Dan let Layla hold his badge when she was scared, they had given her a few police badge stickers to play with. They also left behind a note that truly floored the mother. It read:

“Layla, We hope you feel better very soon! Sincerely, Officer Chris and Officer Dan. P.S. Don’t stick these stickers on the wall!”
There aren’t too many people who would have expected these officers to go above and beyond what their job entails. However, Layla’s mom is extremely grateful for what these two particular officers did. “This note will be saved forever to know that Layla has these amazing officers to thank,” she explained. “Rocky River is an amazing community. I see that with a lot of things that shines here.”

These men and women in blue deserve more respect than they’re receiving and it’s important for them to know that there are still people who know who the true heroes are.



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