When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it is such devastating news, especially for the parents. Many parents will go to the ends of the earth for their kids, and the thought of them suffering and missing out on a real childhood is almost too much to bear.

That’s why when 12-year-old Kylie Myers was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer, her parents knew they had to grant her one simple requested. Kylie, known by her family as “Smiley Kylie”, desperately wanted a little kitten, but since they already had four animals at home, and she was undergoing radiation at the time, her parents wanted to wait until she had completed treatment before give her a new pet. Kylie’s treatment process was “brutal”, but the young girl inspired her family with her continuous positive outlook on life.

While initially the treatment seemed to be working, Kylie began to notice pain in her shoulder on her last day of radiation. Her doctors performed a scan and found that the cancer had spread throughout her body.

It was clear to the medical team that Kylie wasn’t going to survive. The was when her parents adopted her a kitten from a local rescue group. The adorable feline had appeared to have had a rough start to life as well. “Her eye was matted and she had just finished a flea treatment” Kylie’s mom recalls. Kylie named the tiny kitten Eliza, but she would go by Liza, and she stayed by the young girl’s side until the very end.

Kylie tragically lost her battle with cancer, but Liza is there to comfort her parents. Kylie’s mother Robin says that Liza is “the queen of the house”, but has also brought her and her husband peace since their daughter’s passing. “I don’t know how I would have made it through without her being a part of our family.” Robin says. It is clear that while initially Liza’s mission was to be there for Kylie, she is now serving as a major role in the family’s life as well.

In memory of Kylie, her family decided to share the story of Liza to spread awareness for not only childhood cancer, but animal adoption as well. They know that Liza’s role in Kylie’s life was an important one and doing this “was just the very best way to honor her.”

This is especially true considering Kylie’s final requests to her loving parents. She asked her dad, Mark, to “find a cure for childhood cancer”, and her mom to “take care of my baby kitten.”

Kyle’s family partnered with Mutual Rescue to create a heartwarming video about the power of adoption and the positive effect it has on people’s lives. You can watch the touching video below.



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