Group Of Men That Attacked A Mom & Baby At Walmart Made One Major Mistake (Photo)


A man in Shawnee, Kansas was arrested and charged after him and another man assaulted a woman and shot a few good Samaritans at a local Walmart.

Reports state that the suspect walked towards the woman in the parking lot of the Walmart as she was placing her child in a car set and that’s when they made their attack. A good Samaritan came to help the woman and baby but was shot multiple times by one of the assailants. 

Another good Samaritan with a firearm, shot at one of the suspect and fatally hit him. That suspect was killed on the scene. The other suspect fled but was caught by authorities later. 

At first, cops arrested someone for questioning however they discovered that this person was not involved in the assault and shooting.

Janet Lewis, the mother of the man who was questioned told WDAF that she came home as her son was being arrested outside of their home, which was located across the street from the Walmart where the incident took place. 

“As I come pulling up, I see them arresting my son. I didn’t make it to park the car because as I seen my son, and the police around my only child, I sped up,” Lewis said. “He was a little pissed off. I’m going to put it out there. He was pissed off.”

The woman was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, but recovered a little and was upgraded to fair condition. The good Samaritan who was shot also suffered severe injuries but survived.

Arthur Fred Wyatt of Overland Park, Kansas, was later arrested and charged with first-degree murder, attempted aggravated kidnapping and attempted aggravated robbery.

“This has nothing to do with alleged racism, this has to do with thugs acting just like the thugs they are. Animals attacking an innocent mother and child to kill and maim them for her car. My calling them animals, disgraces all animals. Animals kill for survival, these thugs kill just for the fun of it. Their parents should be so proud that they raised these less than humans,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Women have to be more careful now days. There used to be black guys ride on bicycles and grab ladies purses off their shoulders at Kroger and Walmart near us. They just changed the law in MI. you can carry a concealed weapon without a permit. Strap your purse across your neck and shoulder. Have your weapon handy and shoot these thugs through your purse, you can always buy get a new one,” another wrote.

“Another great example of how an upstanding ARMED citizen stopped a crime of violence. The media will NEVER report it, because it doesn’t fit their agenda. ‘Gun control’ is hitting what you shoot at!! Please support the 2nd Amendment!!” another added.

Sources: WDAF (2), Mad World News/Facebook / Featured Image: Jared C. Benedict/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: WDAF, Walmart/Flickr



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