He Went Outside To Grab His Newspaper, His Heart Stopped As He Noticed Them Staring Back At Him


When a man heard a noise outside his home, he never could have imagined what was there waiting for him. As a photographer in Alaska, Tim Newton was used to taking images of wildlife, but to have the wildlife literally come to his doorstep was a totally new experience. Upon hearing a commotion on his front porch, Tim went to investigate, telling The Dodo: “It was right near dawn. I heard some noises; it was like something scrambling on the deck.”

He continued: “Coming out of my slumber, I thought, ‘What the heck is that?’ So I put on my bathrobe and slowly eased back the curtain. And right there, 2 feet away, was a lynx kitten. He was sitting there watching his siblings race by.”

But that wasn’t all. When he was able to get a better look, he saw three or four lynx kittens playing on the porch. He noted: “They were running back and forth, pouncing on each other.”

He grabbed his camera and explained: “I started snapping away. I thought, ‘Wow! What incredible luck. This just beats all. This is just wonderful!’”

The special moment wasn’t lost on him as he had seen them before in their natural surroundings, but to have this gift land on his front deck was remarkable.

When they left after a few minutes, he assumed that was the last he would see of the kittens, but to his surprise, the mother lynx appeared with seven kittens. He said of the scene: “I’ve never seen so many lynx,” adding, “To see all these lynx on my deck, I was gobsmacked.”

The coolest part is that Tim went unnoticed because they were so busy playing. He was even able to snap an entire family portrait! Tim explained: “They started to play again. For the next 40 minutes, they all played on my deck. They were chasing each other, rolling and wrestling.”

The mother lynx attempted to wrangle her kids and Tim noted: “She has her hands full. I’ve concluded that lynx must spend 1 percent of their waking lives chasing rabbits, and 99 percent chasing their kids. What a handful!”

One of the animals came closer to where Tim was behind the screen, as he explained: “I don’t know why I did this — maybe to say to him, ‘Oh, what a cute little kitty!’ — but I pulled the camera away from my face a little, and my eyes showed.”

He continued: “The look of terror on that kitten’s face! His eyes were wide open, and he just flew away from me! But the others didn’t pick up on it.”

Eventually, they finished playing and the mother lynx got her kids together to leave, leaving Tim with a very unique memory.

Those weighing in on social media with comments were floored by Tim’s cool experience and blown away by the animals, with notes such as: “Look at the size of the paws compared to rest of body. Very young” and “Wow look at those huge feet.”

Another commenter added: “Wow. Not just an awesome experience, but at a professional photographer’s place! Now that’s luck!”



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