I Could Not Believe This Common Item Found In Every Home Caused THIS! I Threw Mine Out Immediately…


Hair ties are a very common item and almost every home has a few in them.  Who knew they could cause something like this!  When I saw how a hair tie caused a problem big enough to make headlines, I took a second look at those seemingly harmless items and removed them from my wrist.

A mother from Louisville, Kentucky loved her glitter hair tes and when not in her hair, she would wrap them on her wrist.  Seems like no big deal right? Wrong. She learned a painful lesson and now she is sharing her story so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

The glitter on the hair tie caused tiny scratches on her wrist which began to get larger as the day went on. Eventually, bacteria in the glittery hair tie got under this woman’s skin, went into her pores and hair follicles, and caused a serious infection.

She woke up two days later with a bump on her wrist that made her gasp.

When she went to see a doctor they said it was “no big deal.” But as time went on she learned how wrong he was.

She began taking antibiotics, but they did not work and her infection kept growing and growing. Eventually her bump exploded and left a large open wound…

She was rushed to the ER and went into emergency surgery.
Doctors at the hospital identified 3 different strands of bacteria – and she narrowly avoided sepsis or blood poisoning. Luckily she caught it in time and the wound was able to be treated.

Dr. Amit Gupta, who treated this woman has a warning for others.
“Be careful. You can’t tie all those hair ties around the wrist,” Gupta said, according to CBS Philly. “It can cause problems with the skin. It can cause infection.”

So can fitness trackers, according to toxicologist Dr. Alfred Aleguas. He said problems like Kopp’s usually have a simple solution: hygiene.

“If you notice you are getting an abrasion, remove it and obviously keep it clean,” Aleguas told ABC Action News.

See the video below for more details…



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