Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter By Putting This One Thing In Your Shoes (Video)


During the winter season, there’s nothing more fabulous than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while curled up in bed. Keeping your feet warm is top priority, and you might even create a mummy-like sac around your tootsies with your blanket. Yet, sometimes you just can’t stay indoors and you have to do things like shovel snow or go grocery shopping when it’s freezing outside. Brrr! While boots are nice, they don’t always keep your toes warm.

Outdoorsmen are known for thinking on their toes, especially when they travel to remote locations. This DIY foot heater idea is likely the brainchild of a survivalist whose truck got stuck in a snowstorm. However, you don’t have to end up lost in the woods to use this foot warmer. It works just as well in the wild as it does in a shopping mall…which is still pretty “wild” during the holiday season!

This inexpensive item works better than pricey socks at keeping your feet warm and toasty all winter. You won’t get a case of cold feet when you have a pair of these around! This is an unexpected treat that you’ll want to make sure is included on your Christmas wish list. Hint – it’s not Ugg boots, wool socks, or even artificial foot warmers. Watch the video below to find out more about this amazing foot cozy.

Source: YouTube



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