Mom Notices Weird Spots On Her Toddler, Has Warning For Everyone That Shouldn’t Be Ignored.


Lyme disease can be terrible in its progression but can be treatable if it is detected early. Sadly, many people do not know the signed to look out for. Karen McGregor spotted what she assumed was a simple rash from playing in the grass. However, noticing that the shape and markings were similar to another post she saw, she decided to take action. Thankfully her attentiveness lead to saving her son. Now she wants everyone to be as informed as she was.   

While Lyme disease is most common in the northeastern region of the United States, cases have been reported from all 50 states, Europe and parts of Asia. In areas of high prevalence, more than 50% of all ticks are estimated to be carriers of the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Since most patients never recall being bitten, it is important to know the symptoms and to contact you doctor if you suspect you have been affected. 

Most typical is a radiating rash that develops within days to weeks of the bite. The rash will resemble as bulls-eye as the bacteria spreads from the bite site. Other signs of infection include flu-like symptoms, fatigue, fever and joint stiffness. Not all bites will result in a rash, so please keep an eye out for for any of these symptoms following time spent outdoors. 

Source: Karen McGregor and Medicine Net



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