Songs That Show How Ridiculous Society Is



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Music. We use it every single day to entertain, uplift and soothe ourselves. But what does today’s popular music say about us as a society?

Here are 10 recent songs that perfectly sum up just how ridiculous our society is.

1. We Place More Importance on Women’s Bodies Than Their Minds


2. Everything is a Competition

3. We Don’t Teach Girls to be Strong on Their Own

4. We Don’t Teach Girls to Take Control of Their Futures

5. We Continue to Treat Women Like Prey

6. We Teach Boys to be Violent and We Teach Women to Stay Anyways

7. We Teach Boys and Men That “No” Means “Not Yet”


8. We Teach Instant Gratification, Not Responsibility

9. We Teach Teens That Irresponsible Drinking is Cool (It so Isn’t)

10. We Teach Women to Belittle Other Women






Collage Source: 1. #Princess Diaries 2. KARL IS MY UNKLE 3. Wikitesti / VEVO



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