Teen steps on stage to perform during talent show. Once his friends join in, it’s a routine unlike any I’ve seen


One teenager steps on stage to perform in his High School talent show. It wasn’t until I saw his friends joining him on the stage that I even noticed that they’re all wearing kilts. That’s when I got ready because I know these clever guys have a unique and fun musical performance planned for the audience.

The begin to drum and that’s when my jaw dropped because this is spectacular. Their Scottish themed drum routine absolutely blew me away.

Matt, Dylan, Jordan, Elias, and Nigel got together to plan their routine for the 2011 Lake Howell High School talent show and they came up with the idea for “The Hot Scots.” Their drumline routine is fantastic to watch and that’s probably why the video has since gone viral online. It’s gotten more than ten million views over the past half decade.

We love this kinda stuff!



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