Top 8 Deadliest Prisons in the World



Camp 22, North Korea
Also known as the Hoeryong concentration camp, it is located near Chinese and Russian borders in North Korea. An estimated 1,500 people per year die here from malnourishment alone, mostly children. It’s 50,000+ prisoners are subjected to torture and hard labor on a daily basis. The harsh living conditions make Camp 22 one of the world’s deadliest prisons.


Gitarama Central Prison, Rwanda
Located in central Rwanda, Gitarama Central Prison is home to over thousands of prisoners in a place that was designed to hold 400. Inmates in Gitarama have been known to resort to cannibalism due to the poor conditions. Gitarama is frequently referred to as “hell on earth” by it’s residents.


Tadmor Military Prison, Syria
In the middle of the dessert, about 200km from Damascus, is Tadmor Prison. Re-opened in 2011 after a 10 year hiatus, this prison still operates under an iron fist today. In 1980, President Assad ordered the killing of every prisoner within Tadmor, resulting in 2,400 deaths.


Petak Island Prison, Russia
There is a Russian version of Alcatraz and it’s called Petak Island. Every inmate here is held in solitary confinement. Home to Russia’s most brutal criminals, a large amount of inmates in Petak die because of the freezing temperatures and poor living conditions.





La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela
In Venezuela there is an extremely understaffed prison known as La Sabaneta. Due to the lack of guards, prisoners frequently engage in horrific acts of violence against one another. It is also a haven for a number of diseases that cause severe illness and even death. cvghfdq





Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand
Seven miles north of Bangkok lies Bang Kwang Prison. This overcrowded prison houses many Thai nationals as well as foreign tourists who are awaiting their death sentence. HIV runs rampant here as well as inmate on inmate violence.



Cotonou Civil Prison, Benin
In the city of Cotonou lies Benin’s deadliest prison. This place was designed for no more than 400 inmates, yet holds close to 2,500. It has been put on the Amnesty International watch list in 2008 after reports of unjustified detention, torture, and prison guard brutality.





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