We Saw A Kid Holding This Sign In The Blazing Heat, So We Went Back And Asked Him Why


While driving up an intersection, a man brought his car to a stop. There was a stop sign there after all. But Randy Jones soon realized that this was no ordinary stop sign. It was mounted in the ground, but a young boy was holding onto the sign to alert drivers to a very important issue. Because it was an incredibly hot day in Oklahoma City, Jones had immediate respect for the boy who was putting himself out there to do his duty.

Jones knew it was odd. Why was this teenage boy holding onto the stop sign during such a hot day? Because it was 95 degrees out, he wanted to stop and ask the boy about what he was doing. Later Jones told News 9 that “I was like ‘what in the world is this kid doing.’”

When he asked that kid that very question, the teenager, who was seventeen-years-old, said something that sent Jones reeling.

The boy’s name was Logan, and he told Jones that he noticed how someone had knocked the sign down. And because it was down, he had seen with his own eyes a car accident nearly happen.

Because Logan cared about the people in his community, he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. So during his lunch break at work, Logan left the air conditioning and went to go put the sign back up. He then held it there so drivers could pass through the intersection safely at least while he was holding it there in position.

Jones was impressed. With all he has seen with the younger generation, he was impressed that this young man cared about someone besides himself. He was so impressed with the young man.

“Not a lot of people would do what he did. To have the awareness to know to get out and help, it’s pretty cool.”

While Logan held the stop sign in place, Jones took out his phone and called the City of Oklahoma City and alerted them to the downed sign. They sent a truck crew to fix the sign. They got the job done. But if it wasn’t for Logan, no one might have noticed the down sign for some days. And then people could have been seriously hurt.

After the good deed had been done, Jones shared a picture of Logan holding up the sign on his Facebook page. As you might have guessed, it went viral thousands of times over.

Along with details about what happened and why Logan was out there protecting the people of Oklahoma City, Jones also wrote:

“Hopefully this gets back to this young man. You did a good job, and I’m sure the citizens of the city of Oklahoma City appreciate it as well.”

And word did get around, KOCO 5 News tracked Logan down and interviewed him about the act of goodness he did.

In the news segment below, you can hear from Logan and hear him explain why he did what he did.

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