What These Protesters Did Is So Insane That It Required The Jaws Of Life


Freedom of speech is enshrined in the Bill of Rights, and that’s something no one can take away. Sometimes, it’s pretty obvious when protesters on both sides of the political spectrum push the limit on that freedom and do something outrageous.

Commuters in the Boston area experienced this firsthand when a group of protesters shut down a major highway by cementing their arms inside a 40 gallon drum. Just wait until you see the pictures.

This “protest device,” as we’ll call it, is a 40 gallon metal drum with a piece of PVC piping going through the middle. The two protesters are handcuffed to each other through the piping. The barrel is then filled with concrete.



The scene caused major backups on I-93 outside of Boston. The protesters were part of the Black Lives Matter Group, according to the Associated Press.



Police and emergency responders had to use a heavy saw to cut through the barrel. They used the jaws of life to remove the protesters from the 1,200 pound barrel.



A total of 29 protestors were arrested at the scene, including the two attached to the barrel. Police called the event “immature and irresponsible.”



(Via Boston, DailyCool)

Luckily, no one was hurt during the protest. However one ambulance carrying a person in critical condition from a car accident had to be rerouted around the stopped traffic. The message the protesters carried was powerful, yes, but they could have gone about it in a less-dangerous manner.



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