Woman Approaches Parked Cop & Makes Demands, Then He Sees Behind Her


While on her way to work an early morning shift, an African-American woman saw a cop parked off on the side of the road and decided to approach him. When she got close enough, she cracked her window. That’s when the stunned copped looked over her shoulder and immediately noticed what else was there.

The Georgia State Trooper wasn’t looking for any action when it came to him. He was cleaning the windows of his patrol car while awaiting his next call when he was approached by Kendra Powell who seemed overly interested in what he was doing. She was insistent on getting his attention as she pulled up alongside him “at a snail’s pace,” and he reluctantly came around the side of his car to where she was, despite heightened tensions with all of the recent cop killings.

Kendra Powell

Powell said that she noticed his trunk was open and thought it was odd, so she felt compelled to stop and see if he was okay. She was surprised to see that the white cop was all alone, but even more taken aback with what he did after she demanded several times to know if all was well with him at that moment, considering the negative cop coverage and attacks she’s seen on the news.

“I said good morning and asked if he was okay and needed help,” Powell wrote in a post on social media. “He smiled a brilliant smile and replied no ma’am that he was cleaning his windows. He showed the bottle and towels to me and I told him he had the good stuff.”


The unnamed officer then looked behind her and her smudged car windows and asked if he could clean them for her while he was at it. After first refusing his offer, he insisted and started cleaning. She said it was the highlight of her day knowing that he didn’t have to do this, but he wanted to do it. Then, another car pulled over with a question for the cop.

“Every passerby had a stunned expression on their faces,” Powell said as they were along a busy road and people couldn’t believe what this white cop was doing for a black woman for no reason other than to be kind. An elderly couple stopped behind Powell and the officer so he could clean their windows as well. Without hesitation, the cop cleaned theirs too, and when the woman offered to pay him, he said he wanted something else instead.

The cop didn’t want any cash for his good deed, he asked for prayers for protection, which Powell and the elderly couple were quick to oblige. Everyone got out of their cars and came together, holding hands to pray for this man’s safety. “White hands, black hands, officer hands, young hands, and old hands…gave glory like never before,” Powell wrote of the incredible moment.


The moment made Powell late for work, but she didn’t mind since this instance changed the course of her day and provided her with the much-needed hope that there are good people in this very troubled world. This cop didn’t see her skin color, he saw her dirty windows and cleaned them for her when he didn’t have to. He didn’t pull his gun out when she approached him, he reached his hands out and held hers, accepting her prayer for him after he served her.

h/t: [LoveWhatMatters]



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